Why People Turn to Financial Advisers in 2022



Posted on: 16th June 2022

Financial worry is something that transcends every decade, and with the events unfolding in the 2020s already, it looks like it is something that will either get worse or provide even more challenges in the years ahead.

Whilst there is no clear parting of the financial grey clouds to see a clear horizon, the importance of independent financial advisers Manchester is getting more and more clear. According to recent polls, the main reasons that people in the UK contact financial advisers are pension advice Manchester and retirement planning Cheshire.

The Way Out

With all of the recent financial turmoil, it is no surprise that people are looking for a way to ensure their plans stay on track.

Those men and women that have a financial adviser have their retirement on their minds very clearly in today’s world – especially as the retirement age is as high as it has ever been. The other areas that men and women in the UK are relying on a financial adviser’s expertise are the areas of tax planning and securing solid investment opportunities.

On top of these areas, independent financial advisers Cheshire have been contacted for wealth and inheritance planning and help in finding a suitable mortgage – areas which have had plenty of their challenges in the 2020s.

The Most Complicated Areas

Recent polls showcased that pension planning has a lot of issues to address and decisions to make, making it complicated for a lot of people. Not many people know how much they need for their retirement in the current climate or the best way to save money for it.

Many people feel overwhelmed by their approach to their pensions and end up with insufficient savings as a result. Many of the British over-50s approach retirement with a drastic shortfall in their pension because they do not seek the right advice and guidance to improve their situation – and the typical hands-off approach towards their pensions on top of the huge lack of understanding of pensions and savings.

Confidence in the Future

Where a financial adviser pulls in true benefit for 2022 and beyond is that they can help assess your current financial situation as well as the goals you have set. From this stance, they can aid you in developing the best pension savings plan to provide that comfortable retirement option.

People that engage with an IFA tend to be much more confident and prepared for their retirement, with half of those receiving professional advice having a more accurate picture of the pension savings they need.

Whatever your financial future requirements, the team at Haven IFA are waiting to help. Contact our team today to help ease your concerns and feel more confident in your plans