what is a financial advisor

Identifying the Need for a Financial Advisor



Posted on: 18th November 2020

If you have just Googled about financial advisors and what they do and been directed to this very post, then it’s safe to say you are currently contemplating a financial move that needs a bit of clarity and you are not too sure on the steps to take.

If that is the case, then welcome. On top of that, let’s see if we can provide the basic knowledge you are requiring to gain guidance on why you needed to look in the first place.

What is a Financial Advisor?

First and foremost there is never just one answer and that’s because there are so many questions over what kind of requirement you need and why.

With a financial advisor, the general aim is to provide general investment advice and financial planning, along with many aspects of specialised advice around the sustainability of such products as a pension, for example. Pensions, due to their excessive complexity, require a comprehensive examination of your requirements to find the right option, which is what a financial advisor undertakes with you. If you are considering a large investment, a financial advisor offers protection from professional advice and expertise in this area so as you don’t fall foul of it.


Any professional financial advisor will want your plans to work out and provide the ultimate in service. What use would they have in giving you bad advice and losing your business?

By employing the best independent financial advisors UK, you get the security that your money is being utilised correctly and your best interests are protected. You are protected also if mistakenly sold inappropriate products and always guided to the best possible outcome no matter what changes do occur in finances and rates.

Variety to Consider

Specialist brokers, banks and building societies can provide a wealth of information on different options and give you the option of choice to make for yourselves.

Their job is to provide information on options they endorse but not necessarily advise you on which one works the best for you, leaving them safe from responsibility for the direction you undertake. If the product turns out to be wrong, you tend to find that claiming compensation is limited as the choice was left at your discretion, even though banks can only provide options from their own company and not promote better options on the market.

By working with independent financial advisors Cheshire, you are fully consulted on a product that is best for you over the entire platform of options. By assessing the range of options, you are provided with a clear pathway to get the most out of the service they provide and are entitled to compensation if the advice turns out to be bad.

Of course, this does not apply if market fluctuations result in unforeseen losses, but having independent financial advisors Cheshire does provide security in making complex financial decisions with large amounts of money and the vast amount of products open to you on the market.

Going into consulting with a financial advisor you need transparency and assurance in how your money is working for you. Talk with the team at Haven IFA today to get a full landscape of what we can do for you today.