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What Do Financial Advisers Do on a Daily Basis?



Posted on: 12th May 2021

It may seem like a random thought that comes to mind once and a while, but what exactly is the day to day life of a financial adviser entailing to better the relationship with their clients – including the ones who maybe only talk with theirs once a month? Keep reading if you’d like to know what does a financial advisor do on a daily basis.

The Many Financial Hats

With every individual client they have, a lot of work is being done in many areas to help each one of them meet their lifelong financial goals through many different resources. What you have to remember is that every single client has different circumstances, so it takes a lot of different knowledge and approaches for each one.

A financial adviser would examine every client’s financial history – past and current – and assets to determine exactly what steps the client needs to take to meet the goal. Many independent financial advisers in Cheshire bring a broad-based approach to their financial advice other than a focus on an individual area, preferring the jack of all trades approach to helping build a financial footpath to follow.

To do this, they will have many contacts at their disposal to help achieve the full layout, regularly in contact with accountants, solicitors, trust officers, investment and fund managers to help map out a plan to follow.

A Life of Research

The role of a financial adviser is one of undertaking constant research so as not to give any outdated plan that could cause conflict or personal loss for the client. The role of an adviser is always centred on a client’s objectives which is, naturally, focusing on the finances, and therefore, it is a very delicate area to advise on.

Whilst a majority of independent financial advisors in Manchester are brought on to manage a specific interest and financial goal (such as retirement planning in Cheshire or buying a home), they are also brought in to devise comprehensive plans also that cover much broader items. A lot of the roles for a financial planner involve conducting questionnaires and interviews to compile a client profile consisting of financial objectives, income and investments, expenses, risk tolerance, tax returns, insurances and other important information required to meet the client’s specific agenda.

Understanding Instead of Undermining

The overall plan provided by independent financial advisers is all about providing these recommendations with the decision being in the hands of the client as to whether they stick to it or not. An adviser’s job is to advise, not direct. An adviser will have done a lot of research into being able to back up why the specific plan provided is recommended for that client, and to uphold its integrity a lot of ongoing research and updating will be required if the market trends fluctuate.

Above all of this is the adviser’s ability to communicate clearly with every level of client as to what is going on at every movement in the process, and why it is happening and how to stay on track or take appropriate steps.

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