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Understanding the Value of a Financial Adviser



Posted on: 2nd February 2024

In 2024, everyone understands the need for their money to stretch that much further and how to navigate a seemingly ever-altering financial landscape in the UK. Since the world spiralled into turmoil during the global pandemic, financial advice has become more crucial than ever for wider groups of people.

Today, 1 in 20 people look at independent financial advice for the first time, with a majority feeling that they are not wealthy enough to gain meaningful financial advice. The reality is those who have sought advice from independent financial advisers Cheshire in the last few years have savings and investments of less than £100,000 for the most part.

Being Alone on Financial Decisions Poses Bigger Risks

Around two in five people feel they are perfectly adept at managing their finances. However, it is essential to understand the risks and ultimate costs of taking such a DIY approach to your financial security – especially around the more complex financial decisions.

Making a mistake without professional advice or guidance on what products are safe to put money into means you stand to lose with no safety net. Having expert independent financial advisers Manchester working with you helps to identify your financial goals and operate in a simpler and safer financial market.

Life Advice

Engaging with a financial adviser is fueled by the need to solve issues you have limited or no experience on. In life, there are many obstacles and life-changing scenarios that an IFA can help you navigate – such as a marriage or the birth of children and grandchildren.

Having a financial adviser on an ongoing basis can help to realign your goals where necessary and adapt to changes in life both expected and unforeseen, helping you to keep a firm grasp on your retirement planning Cheshire.

Understand Value

One of the main barriers to people seeking the help of the best independent financial advisers UK is the fear of the cost involved – a fear based on feeling and not fact.

When you look at all of the avenues that a financial adviser can add value to your life and financial well-being through professional advice, as well as the time and stress that is alleviated through their services, you are afforded much more than a simple cost.

Having the team at Haven IFA managing your finances and keeping you informed of performances and market stability will prevent any nasty financial burdens or surprises on your path to a more secure living.

Tackle the ever-altering financial landscape in the UK and start 2024 with the help you need with the team at Haven IFA. contact us today for retirement planning Cheshire and pension advice Manchester.