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Why Is Financial Advice Not Your Priority?



Posted on: 23rd March 2023

We ask this question to everyone who comes to us when their financial situation is in the red. Why has getting the right financial advice not been something you have prioritized to avoid making grave financial errors?

The answer usually falls because the everyday person considers financial advice to be ridiculously expensive – a luxury service for those swimming in pools of cash and able to throw around a few bob to better their situation. Surely this is the reason, right? It is too expensive?

Let’s delve into the misconception and what you may have been told about independent financial advisers Cheshire.

Too Expensive

Everything today is considered too expensive, right down to the cost of a Freddo chocolate bar. Today, 47% of the average UK population believes that financial advice is expensive and has not even looked into it.

Would it surprise you that the larger percentage of that 47% don’t even know how much a financial adviser charges for their services on average? If that is the case, how can it be too expensive if you don’t even know the cost?

Each financial adviser service has its varied costs, as much as everyone has their idea of what they class as ‘too expensive.’ What we can say is that the costs associated with the services of an IFA more than pay for themselves in the long run.

Long-Term Game

Many people save money for the prime objective of a solid nest egg for retirement in later life. If you are just getting set into your career, it may feel like an eternity before you get to that stage, but the truth is – the earlier you start saving, the better your life will be when you retire.

Also adding to that is the longer that you benefit from the advice provided by an independent financial adviser Manchester, the insignificant the costs end up feeling. The more you take on pension advice Manchester and retirement planning Manchester, the more benefit you stand to receive throughout the road to later life.

Not Being Wealthy

Just because you don’t hold millions in the bank and investments, that does not mean you do not qualify for the huge benefits an IFA provides. People with fewer assets benefit the most from getting tailored advice that meets their financial situations.

When you don’t have a big pension pot, properties or investments just knocking about, your money needs to work at its highest capacity – and advice from an independent financial adviser is at its most useful.

Don’t get misled over exactly what an IFA does and who it caters towards. Contact the team at Haven IFA today for the right financial advice.