“Dear Mike Leigh,

Many thanks for your work on our behalf with the financial advice.

We have been more than pleased with the help and explanation of the somewhat complex financial situation. We would recommend HAVEN IFA Ltd as we appreciated your professionalism.”

– Alan and Dorothy Forte

Mr. Slater has been my Financial Adviser for the last 6 years. During this period we have built up a good, friendly “adviser/client” relationship.

His preparation prior to all my appointments is thorough and well researched. He goes to great length to explain clearly any financial propositions that he believes will enhance my investments and is ever mindful of my attitude to risk. All advice is supported by printed factual information. The final decision is mine to make.

I am confident in Mr. Slater’s ability to offer sound advice. This is proven by the resultant steady standing of my investments throughout the recent turbulent fluctuations in the financial markets.

Finally I must add that I feel reassured knowing that I can contact Mr. Slater at any time.

– Helen Christine Lunn

Graham Slater has been our financial advisor for many years. We have found him to be very efficient, easily available and very willing to carry out any requests. He has a pleasant manner and a good sense of humour,

– Marion & Gordon Dean. (Hale)

Graham has and continues to be a really good adviser. He takes time to explain the topics and will go over a subject from different angles when it is a complex. He has always been easy to access and responsive to requests for information or meetings. He keeps himself well informed on the markets for finance and investments.

Difficult to point to anything that could be improved on at present. I have an excellent relationship with Graham and value it considerably.

– Chris Sweetman (Wilmslow)

I asked Graham to help me when I needed pension advise recently.
I was really pleased that I could pass him all of the paperwork and leave him to work out my best options and then give me clear advise that I could understand. Pensions are not the easiest things to understand but Graham was very patient and explained everything so that it made sense. I would definitely recommend Graham to anyone who needs good advise, that makes sense, from someone that can trust.

– Euan Begg (Cheadle)

After a brief conversation, Graham described all the various work pensions I had picked-up along my career path as something resembling an unkempt garden! I thought there was nothing of any great value in any of them, as I’d stopped and started different schemes as I changed jobs, but I agreed to let Graham take a look anyway. I gave him a big stack of a file I\’d been hoarding and let him see what could be done.

To my amazement Graham not only reduced that pile of a file considerably, but he also pulled all my various stagnant policies together, to work much harder for me in the future. Plus he also unearthed some information on one of my dormant policies which surprisingly had an unusually high transfer value which I gave Graham full permission to transfer, and get that large sum of money (I didn’t even know existed) working much harder for me.

I can\’t thank Graham enough for the help and advice he has given and would recommend his services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position to the one I was in, to let him review and hopefully improve their pension plans. There\’s no pressure and no sales patter from Graham, just friendly, professional and expert advice.

– Alan Price

I have always found Graham to be very professional and has always fully explained the various options open to me clearly detailing any benefits and potential risks involved etc. I am always left feeling that I have received the best possible advise for my circumstances.

– Peter Ward

Nick has provided me with friendly and independent financial advice and helped me invest my inheritance wisely and plan for a secure financial future. He is an extremely good listener and carefully evaluates what products best suit me as an individual taking into account any risk factors involved. He is local to my area and very flexible if we need to review my financial needs. As a family man he shares a lot of my values and I have peace of mind that he has my best interests at heart.

 – Gillian Aden (Timperley)

There is a general air of friendliness and helpfulness with the firm, with a very positive “vibe” to the office. I have known Nick Dando my adviser, for some years and he has seem me through some difficult and emotional times with empathy, sensitivity and support. When sorting out my late mothers finical affairs, my solicitor commented that I had received “excellent financial advice” from him. At all times I have been treated with respect, listened to and given time to think without any pressure. What is more, I have been given peace of mind over my financial situation and feeling of security. I have had no hesitation in recommending my adviser to friends.

– Pamela Bradshaw (Altrincham)

Nick is always very helpful well prepared and communicates clearly the options that he is proposing whilst ensuring that I am fully up to speed with the risks etc. have recommended Nick to a number of people and will continue to do so.

– Anthony Hill – (Manchester)

When I met Nick for the first time he took time to question my views of life, as well as my goals. The basis for any advice is carefully explained so that it is transparent and I am informed of various strategies I can chose. He patiently draws my attention to specific points about processes and investments so that I can make informed decisions which reduce worry and ensures I am confident that I am making correct choices.

– Caroline Perry- (Worsley)

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