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Are You Confused Over Choices in Retirement?



Posted on: 14th January 2021

As recent research has been quick to highlight, those individuals who are rapidly approaching retirement are increasingly uncertain in regards to the current choices open to them in the current climate. 

The Polls Speak

In a recent survey, it was revealed that 59% of 45-54-year-olds polled felt confused in regards to choices that are open to them, with an estimated 65% of women admitting to the same confusion around retirement planning options available.

When it came down to independent guidance, a further 12% of women were aware of availability as well as 20% of men. All in all, just over a quarter of those aged between 45 and 54 (28%) had a clear plan of what to do with their savings in retirement.

Call for Understanding

Whilst these figures may not register with people, the understanding that there is confusion in the populace as to what avenues are available is a growing concern.

Those approaching retirement and unsure about their available options, as well as how to get the best value within their pension benefits can call on the expertise of independent financial advisors Cheshire to get them on the learning track.

A recent call for the FCA and Pensions Regulator to prioritise an increase of free service to help people understand pension choices in today’s climate, as well as provide guidance on avoiding scams and the payout of too much income tax, has been forwarded, however those engaging financial advisors can gain a better informed and confident real-time approach to decision-making.

Whilst the movement to provide guidance via a free service will only provide a limited amount of people approaching the retirement goal with the advice required, a more personalised approach to clients can provide a more structured and handheld approach to choosing the right avenues and strategies.

Personalised Approach

Should you be feeling a confusion in regards to your retirement options (and it is okay to be) then you need to get advice from someone who is invested in your retirement with you.

Whilst many high street brokers will push the best package they can put together for your retirement, having independent financial advisors manchester ensures that the best package is put together for your needs by assessing the entire marketplace.

Having confusion over your retirement is one thing, but having the confusion about what is working for you and what isn’t is an even bigger problem.

If you are among the many confused or unaware of the options available to you, contact the team at Haven IFA today.