plan for the unexpected

Can You Truly Plan for the Unexpected?



Posted on: 29th October 2021

Your bills are always at the forefront of your happiness in day to day living, and they have a huge hold over your ability to enjoy your life journey. When you worry about illness or injury hurting your ability to pay your bills, some solutions can help to protect your income. One of which could be a plan for the unexpected.

A sudden unexpected loss in income due to unforeseen circumstances may cause rash thinking that you need to dip into pension pots or retirement funds, which has long term effects on your happiness when you want to enjoy it more.

Staying on the Bills

In regular situations, both partners’ incomes contribute to paying monthly bills and the consideration that one person suddenly will not be able to contribute, greatly impacting the standard of living for both parties and any dependants.

Due to last year’s Coronavirus outbreak, many partners have had to face the reality that being smart with their money to cover themselves should anything happen to both or either one of them is more priority than anything.

Of course, this means streamlining not only what they pay-out every month, which has helped many families who now opt towards home-based working to cut down on fuel and travel costs. Rash thinking usually brings about people drawing from their pension pots to cover outstanding debts and bills and have a bit of freedom – but this is not always a sound strategy, especially if not seeing proper educated advice.

Financial Advice

Many people feel that having independent financial advisers Cheshire is a luxury for the super-rich to help out in the case of investments but in reality financial advice suits everyone and their circumstances.

Also, the erroneous thought that a financial adviser is there to spend your money could not be any more wrong – a financial adviser is there to help save your money as much as possible. Not only that, a financial adviser is there to guide you through safer options concerning many financial situations – from insurances to mortgages to pensions and retirement goals.

The advice that is given to you is yours to take, and no decision is made for you. A financial adviser will be the one educated voice on whatever risks there are in your decisions and how to avoid them. They also stay on top of the financial market to ensure you have up to the minute knowledge of what will affect your situation and what protections are available that you can benefit from.

Talking with Professionals

Sudden changes in your financial circumstances make for the perfect time to seek consultation with the best independent financial advisers UK. Not only are they able to look into your current financial crisis, but also can strategies what your goals and the path to reach them would be.

Contact the team at Haven IFA today to plan for the unexpected and start working towards a better financial standing.