PFS financial planning events set for Summer



Posted on: 1st March 2018

The Personal Finance Society, or PFS for short, has announced a new summer financial planning event. The PFS aims to plan a series of financial planning events beginning with Power Live on June 5th which will be held at The National Conference Centre in Birmingham.

The theme of “power” is a continuation of the PFS “power to change lives” focus introduced back in November at the Festival of Financial Planning, an event which attracted over three thousand members.”  The event will start with a keynote speech from Mitch Anthony, the financial life planning and relationship expert. Power Live was created specifically to help inspire what Sharon Sutton, president of PFS, believes to be the professions biggest opportunity.

Other topics covered include:

Financial planning plus – how to expand the value of the financial planning proposition and differentiate in a more competitive, commoditized market place.

Innovation v regulation – how technology could enhance suitability reports and the capability of AI to deliver technical and sales support.

Humans under management – how behavioural finance can help achieve better outcomes for clients.

Why theory alone isn’t enough – the importance of educating clients about behavioural economics.

The cash flow modelling debate – why cash flow modelling is an essential tool in the delivery of advice to clients.

Coaching: the missing link of financial planning – an overview of coaching skills and the key benefits.

The value proposition of the future – how to build the financial advice business of the future.
Adapting for the Future.

Keith Richards, the chief executive of PFS said, “The personal finance landscape is changing at a dramatic pace and retirement planning is now as much about post-retirement as it is pre-retirement – requiring expert financial planning methodologies to be employed.

“Demographic change is forcing a greater focus on advice for later life and millennials are demanding more digital interaction as their financial needs become more sophisticated.

“Networking and the sharing of good practice with like-minded planners is a key component of the event, as there is no single approach that is right or wrong or ‘one size fits all’ solution. The agenda has been carefully engineered by our specialist panel of financial planning practitioners to help widen awareness of a range of potentially useful techniques and tools to help planners – and their clients – achieve their ultimate financial and life goals.”

These events by the Personal Finance Society are the most recent push to give itself promotion as the go-to body for financial planning. There were twelve financial planners picked by PFS to sit on a panel aimed at promoting and helping the advice profession progress in the future.

Many names on this panel include Julie Lord, the chief executive for Magenta Financial Planning , as well as award winning company names such as Fortitude Financial Planning and Eldon Financial Planning. Adam Carolan, director of Xentum and group founder of Next Gen Planning is also a panel member. This panel is also supported by Steve Gazzard, the former chief executive of the Institute of Financial Planning, as well as consultant Carrie Bendall.