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Pension Guidance for the Young



Posted on: 21st October 2020

No doubt those fresh from college and branching into a career headstart have pension thoughts at the back of their mind and not on the immediate radar of things to get involved with.

However, this is the time when starting ahead and sourcing some pension wise guidance is looking to pay off huge when retirement looms as having ‘more time’ equals having ‘more money’ in retirement.

The young may have a gap in knowledge or confusion about what they should be paying into a pension, and overall confusion about the state of the marketplace going ahead with so much uncertainty. This is why getting bespoke a pension guidance service now is crucial. 

State vs. Workplace Pensions

State pensions come from the government based on National Insurance Contributions (NI).

This age where this pension begins to pay out has recently increased to 66 years old and is set to gradually increase over the next two decades. You may feel that it is a long time away but it’s going to feel an even longer period if you were originally planning to retire in your 50s or earlier.

You require ten full years worth of national insurance contributions to get money from a state pension and to get the full amount of £175.20 a week, you are going to need 35 years worth. When you look at the pension situation in that sense, it’s a lot of time for not a lot.

What you have in a workplace pension is a contribution paid by your employer which they top up, so in reality, when you look at a wage slip there are two pensions being paid into.

Benefits of Starting Young

Young professionals are starting to sense the future and paying into their pensions earlier in order to maximise their top up and upping their contributions over time.

This is giving younger people responsibility for their financial future security and allowing them to plan ahead for earlier retirement. Some have gone a further step by setting up pension payments into private accounts which some employers have agreed to. This makes it easier to keep track of savings when jobs change over years.

The Guide of How Much

When starting out young people are facing a lot of costs, including housing which ranks amongst the highest, which is why they are seeking a pension wise guidance more frequently.

Throughout your career, it is recommended to stick between 12% to 15% with a window of movement between 1 or 2%. This small amount can make a big difference in the long run. Opting out of workplace pensions results in a loss of free money so being able to plan on a long term outlook, especially with low-interest rates in 2020 – you don’t get so much in keeping cash in savings accounts at this time. With the shift in this generation’s financial needs, especially when it comes to house deposits of around £46k, the fear of missing the window to early retirement and affordability within it should be higher than it is.

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