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How Can a Financial Adviser Provide a Merry Christmas?



Posted on: 16th December 2023

The tree is up, the lights plugged in, and the Christmas gift list is being ticked off. It is officially the Christmas season, and everyone is getting ready to celebrate as best they can. While many of us have our plans in motion and every penny accounted for, it should be noted that there are still gifts to give out – and when it is a gift from independent financial advisers Cheshire, it adds true value to your new year financial planning.

While Christmas is a time of excessive spending for most, it can also be when your money can go a long way toward your future. At Haven IFA, our advisers provide services that help your new year truly lead to that new you.

Here are a few talking points with an adviser this Christmas that will bring a happy new year.

What’s On Your Wishlist?

Arguably, one of the big focus for the future is having some form of plan, but with so much financial uncertainty facing the UK over the last few years, it is harder keeping track of your goals. A financial adviser can help you with a financial plan, keeping focus on your life goals and helping you stay on track.

From retirement planning Cheshire to simply outlining what is financially crucial during each stage of your life, a financial plan helps you to understand the focus of your future. One of the most overlooked focuses is yourself! Whilst insuring your car, home, and holiday plans take centre stage with insurance, advice on finding that ideal insurance to protect your family in cases of death, critical illness, or loss of income is paramount.

As well as paying for protection, our advisers can help you to prioritize payments for expensive debts to clear them sooner and reduce interest, meaning your money can go into investments that work for you instead.

Exploring Avenues

An adviser can help with many existing financial avenues, such as reviewing your mortgage to see if it is still applicable to your needs. You could be overpaying your mortgage and adding more additional finance than you realistically should.

Our independent financial advisers Manchester can also advise on investing early and diversifying. The earlier you start, the longer your money has to grow, and you benefit from compounding – where your returns are reinvested and earning their returns. By spreading your money across investments, asset classes, and geography, you could stand to offset losses with gains made elsewhere.

Also, an adviser can help you see the value in developing an emergency fund, saving 3-6 months of your outgoings before you begin investing by keeping it easily accessible in a savings account in case of emergency. Call it a rainy day fund that is set aside to let the sun shine a little.

In truth, there are many gifts that independent financial advisers Cheshire can put under your tree this year. To learn more, contact our friendly team at Haven IFA today and be a gift to your future self.