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How to Find a Financial Adviser



Posted on: 22nd September 2021

In making sure that the money you make goes the way you want it to, you have to look at various pathways to protect it as best you can. This is easier said than done when judging the financial and economic landscape we currently face as a nation today, and we have to turn to financial institutions, such as our local financial advisers, to figure out the clearest and safe path over each area.

This can be in helping with investing into your pension or stocks and share ISA, navigating the best and most financially stable route to retirement planning Cheshire, overlooking the best mortgage or life insurance on the current marketplace or simply just keeping the focus on your long-term goals.

To get help in each of these areas, you can find solid and educated help in the form of independent financial advisers Cheshire. Many advisers offer different types of help, so it is important to learn and understand if they are the right fit for your needs.

The Right Adviser

Without knowing where to start in looking, many people turn to a recommendation from a friend or family member when it comes to securing a trusted adviser. Although it should be stated that just getting a personal recommendation is one thing, how long have they been working with them to be reliable for your needs?

Sure, a referral can be welcome on all sides, but they may not specialise in the areas that you require them, so you will need to still double-check that they are right for your own needs, regardless of how great they have been with friends financial situations.

Financial advisers can run under many subheadings of speciality, such as mortgage adviser, investment adviser or financial planner. Otherwise, they can be called ‘brokers’, dealing with specialised products such as home and car insurance or investments and shares.

What they all have in common is that they must all be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), following rules to be able to work with you.

Identifying Qualifications

There are minimum qualifications all regulated financial advisers will have to have achieved. Most will have achieved benchmarks higher than those, such as Chartered Financial Planner.

Others will have specific qualifications covering areas that they specialise in, including long-term care, pension transfers and equity release. Many of the advisers you meet will be open to a free initial meeting where you can ask the questions you need the answers to, further establishing if they hold the right experience for your needs.

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