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No Advice Is Not a Cheaper Route



Posted on: 7th February 2023

In a decade increasingly dealing with volatility and the need to take a step back and explore multiple options due to the shifting landscape of simply living week by week, it feels like every other week we are getting that feeling of unravelling all we have learned and taking baby steps again. Nowhere is this more present than in our financial decisions. The aim to save as much money as possible has seen us all make decisions that we feel are right in theory, but we don’t take professional, local financial advice on how they may pan out.

This has been the case with many fearing for the future by seeking out online searches for various insurance products – many of which are taken with misleading factors that become apparent much later.

Here is why you should engage with independent financial advisers Cheshire for products such as life and income protection.

Costs Outweigh the Risks

The most common assumption is that engagement with an adviser to set up protection products costs much more than doing it yourself. What you may not realise is that in many cases that is untrue.

Whilst comparison sites are alluring for the Google user to save on their financial expenditure, the sites require the making of several assumptions about you to provide a quotation. The difference with independent financial advisers Manchester is that they hold experience and understanding for fitting the product to you and your lifestyle, sometimes even being able to find lower price quotations that could add up to savings of thousands of pounds throughout the policy.

Handling the Legwork

Scouting through countless pages and searches for protection products is not only dizzying but also uses up considerable time that you probably do not have to spare.

Applying for protection products through an adviser saves around a third of that time, enabling you to bypass certain elements of the process in place to sell products directly to the public and understand the provider’s strengths and weaknesses from the beginning saves a ton of time you can spare to something more enjoyable.

Protected Protection

If your protection product turns out unfit for the purpose, you would have little to no recourse because it is something that you arranged on your own with no guidance.

You are solely responsible for judging the suitability of the policy you selected. Where an adviser has recommended a product, it is reinforced by qualifications and financial protection – meaning you are covered if any recommendation turns unfit for purpose.

An independent financial adviser Manchester has experience and expertise in understanding the different coverage types available and prioritises the most important around your circumstances. For local financial advice, contact the team at Haven IFA today to get an educated and professional take on protection.