They had always wanted to travel but had been unable to realise their dreams because of work and family commitments.

Planning for retirement

Even though Mike and Jane had invested wisely in a number of pensions, investments and buy-to-let properties, they realised as they approached retirement age that if they were to fulfil their dreams and still have a comfortable and secure future, they would need help from a financial adviser.

Long-term financial security

In a meeting with a Haven Financial adviser, Mike and Jane explained what their expectations were for retirement. They wanted to lead a comfortable lifestyle and to finally travel the world. However, they also were looking for long-term financial security and to be able to leave a legacy to their family.

Building a comfortable and secure future

After consulting with a Haven Financial Planner, we undertook an analysis of all of Mike and Jane’s investments and drew up a cashflow forecast which showed them how they could comfortably realise their goals without adversely affecting the legacy they could leave for their family.

By utilising the tax-free cash from Mike’s pension plans and reassigning other assets to provide a steady and regular income, they were both able to enjoy comfortable retirement whilst avoiding unnecessary tax on the income.

Now their financial future is secure, Mike and Jane have been able to travel around the world for 6 months knowing they have sufficient money in the bank to be able to enjoy all that life has to offer in retirement.