He had been a member of the company final salary pension scheme for many years, and thought he would have to continue to work until the normal retirement age of the scheme to be able to draw and adequate pension income.

Investing in the life you dream of

There were many benefits to James’ job: he had a great lifestyle and his salary more than met his needs and requirements. However, the job was pressurised and all-consuming. Ideally James would have loved to have retired early, but he didn’t know how this might affect his pension income

James had thought long and hard about what he wanted to do when he retired. He really wanted to travel the world and follow his dream of surfing all the famous breaks around the globe. He had an idea of the level of income that he needed to maintain this lifestyle, however, he was keen to ensure that any travelling wouldn’t affect his financial position in later life.

Making dreams a reality

James requested a meeting with a Haven Chartered Financial Advisor. We assessed his overall financial position and objectives, analysed his existing plans and were able to show him how he could fulfil his dreams now and maintain these in the future. With Haven’s help and careful management of his available assets, James was able to retire immediately and start his new life.

Haven’s help allowed James to swap the boardroom for a surf board. He is now able to travel the world, surf the great waves and meet up with family and friends whenever he wants.

James is now truly living the dream.