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Is There Any Way to Improve Your Investment Value?



Posted on: 19th May 2024

We understand that life is hard during the cost of living crisis, and every decision you make with a financial price tag must be worth the money spent. It may feel like paying for financial advice is robbing Peter to pay Paul, and saving as much money as we would like feels like an uphill battle. Petrol, gas, electricity – everything feels like it is taking a huge lump sum out of our income, and disposable income feels a thing of the past. However, there are some avenues to keep your investment pot moving in the right trajectory, and independent financial advisers Cheshire can help you.

Give Your Investments a Review

As much as the financial outlook changes, so will the performance of your investments. If you have not engaged with independent financial advisers Manchester to review your investments in quite some time, it has to be a top priority.

The performance of certain investments changes over time, so you may be taking less risk than you would usually allow. With a little attention paid to how your investments are erforming, you could be in a positive position to improve their returns, but you will only know by discussing that potential with a certified expert.

A Little Tax Wrapping

An IFA can also help you in ensuring that you are taking advantage of the tax wrappers available to you in your pensions, ISAs, capital gains tax, and personal savings allowances.

These products offer generous tax-relief benefits that almost everybody is entitled to – so it is worth exploring them. Maximizing these reliefs could end up saving you thousands, and there are plenty of options that suit individual circumstances.

Access Your Investment Strategy

That lump sum of money you have come into that you are considering investing – you have a few options. You can choose to invest it all at once, or you can invest it in smaller amounts regularly.

You may have heard of the latter being called the ‘pound-cost average’, which is very beneficial when the markets see volatility. As well as providing a potential opportunity to purchase shares at a cheaper cost, it also protects if the market value reduces.

Seek Financial Advice

Once again – we get it! We know that spending money can be anxiety-inducing practice during this time, but choosing to go it alone without any tailored advice to your financial circumstances is dangerous in the long run.

Our experienced advisers are here to help you get the most out of your money and whatever avenues can make your financial standing stronger. Most of the time, clients just need to know the way out of a financial sticking point, and we can present the best course of action that protects your financial well-being. For help with your investment pot, contact the team at Haven IFA today for all financial planning, pension advice Manchester, and retirement planning Cheshire.