Can You Trust a Financial Advisor, and Why?



Posted on: 24th March 2021

There is an old saying that goes “Trust me with your life but not your money or your wife.” Whilst your wife or partner in question is a whole different level of trust when it comes to trusting someone with your hard-earned money and your financial future you are bound to feel the reins pulled in quite a lot when it comes to knowing how to find a financial advisor you can trust.

It can feel like a minefield in approaching independent financial advisors Cheshire because of the level of uncertainty in what is going to happen with your financial future and if you are going to receive an honest and transparent focus.

Whilst people’s trust in financial firms may be low, the requirement for better guidance financially on a trusted level is at an all-time high. Thoughts of panic over investments and retirement planning Cheshire have many people confused and misguided by internet advice.

This calls for a look into the signs of a trusted financial advisor before you make any movements on your financial future.


Always the first thing that you will look for is how good the reputation of the firm is.

Usually, a referral from a friend who uses them is a strong indicator, as these relationships are trusted and could affect both clients if it goes south. Do a little research into their success factor and if they work with other individuals or businesses in your area to get a better outlook of their benefit to you.


No matter who you go with you need to be assured that all communication channels are open to you.

You obviously need to have constant updates in regards to your financial issues and opportunities that are open to you. At the same time, you need someone who talks your language and can communicate the most complex concepts in a manner that you understand. Any advisor who withholds important information from you or does not fully explain the actions and effects of every move you make financially is not advised for you.

Calm and Collected

Markets rise and fall all of the time so you need to feel that your advisor has everything in hand through years of experience.

A trusted advisor constantly evaluates the market and strategies with you to ensure you don’t make hasty mistakes that jeopardise your investments. Advisors should have the very latest updates on the market and should not push you into rushed options without any long term strategy at play.

Confidence in Vogue

When you choose independent financial advisors in Manchester you are reassured in the confidence they have in the recommendations they make.

They understand your nervousness and work out everything to alleviate the stress and fear you have of financial uncertainty. If you have fears then talk them out with your advisor. If you still feel them afterwards then your instincts may be telling you that something is not right and they may not be the advisor for you.

Trusting in a professional financial advisor is a big step for human nature, and Haven IFA understands that your money is your future, not an opportunity. Contact the team at Haven IFA today for trusted advice and guidance for your future, and how to find a financial advisor you can trust.