how to be successful in investing

Is Your Resolution for 2021 for Successful Investing?



Posted on: 6th January 2021

Good Riddance 2020 and all of its drama that unfolded but there is an upside. Haven IFA have the latest advice if you want to know how to be successful in investing. 

It’s been a year where we have worried more about our finances and futures more than ever before, so maybe your new year resolution has been to invest smarter and more successfully to better your new future vision.

The current economic state may play heavily on your mind and decisions, and the impact of fluctuations in the market no doubt are making it tougher to stick with your previous financial plan. The good news is the markets are pushing forward and you stand to be in a much better financial foothold than a year ago around this point.

Look to Diversify

It’s difficult to predict all of the directions your assorted assets are moving and no investment out there is perfectly golden.

However, by having a neatly managed and balanced basket of assets is always a solid way to keep your money growing as time moves forward. It can be incredibly stressful by getting hung up on one type of investment, especially if you get it wrong. It’s a gamble with your money that is a significant risk.

By spreading your assets you play into the positives that markets and economies continue to have growth and expansion over time.

Reasonable Buffer

At times you will feel the need to take money from your investment portfolio for individual needs or you’re about to start drawing on your pension. However, if there is a sudden drop in the markets during these occasions you are guaranteed to suffer losses.

It is recommended to have a reasonable cash buffer to call on as a plan against this happening. Not only does it avoid the reality of losses but it also buys your investments a bit of time to recover the value, ensuring they stand in a much better condition to draw upon. Leave your buffer in a savings account and protect your long term investments.

Get Independent Advice

Nothing creates more worry about your money than sensationalism, and nothing makes us fear more than how the mainstream media pushes concern over everything to do with how our financial situations play out.

Whenever stories of dramatic marketplace fallings are unleashed, it brings with it a lot of lay-investors selling off what they can in funds and ISAs feeling it needs to happen to prevent losses. What they don’t advise you on is if it is a good time to sell or if recovery will pay off, which is why you need to discuss every scenario with independent financial advisors in Manchester who have more information on the state and direction of the marketplace than anywhere else.

News is a short term where your finances are for the long term. Try to keep that in mind and get professional guidance and assurance of what steps to take to avoid making mistakes out of fear.

Contact the team at Haven IFA for progress with your financial future for 2021 and if you want to know how to be successful in investing.