how can a financial advisor help me

When Thinking of My Financial Plan, How Can an Adviser Help?



Posted on: 9th June 2021

When considering your financial future, there can be a lot of confusion over various models, plans, finances and personal circumstances that are enough to make you adverse to taking any perceived risks. Many people then ask the question, how can a financial advisor help me? An advisor is there to provide educated guidance and advice, whilst giving you the choice of directions to take as well as the calculated risks and benefits around each decision.

When You Need Guidance

When we talk about your finances, we are discussing a vast area of decision making and guidance. An FCA approved adviser will be equipped to handle a large number of areas by way of skilled expertise and industry knowledge of products and factors.

Most of the time, people engage financial advisors when they look to invest in their pot, mix their pension options or pay more into them or receive advice concerning spreading wealth through a will. However, they are not limited to this area.

Retirement planning Cheshire is a big part of the desire for engagement with a financial advisor, but other parts of life’s journey are also largely benefited from their advice. It can be concerning getting the right mortgage or getting into the investment arena through sound strategy and guidance of the market.

The Difference in Advisors

Before you engage with anyone, you need to be certain that the advisor is authorised by the FCA before taking any service from them. This can be done by searching the advisor directory or even asking for proof of qualification before you do any work together.

From there you need to understand if the advisor you are talking to operates as either a restricted or independent financial advisor. The difference can be a very big factor in your working relationship with them.

Independent financial advisors Manchester cover the entire market and are not tied to any particular product, which means they can scour the entire market to find an ideal product to suit your needs. Restricted advisers are more limited and tied to certain products or providers that they operate exclusively with, meaning you would have to fall into their criteria more than they fall into yours.

From there you need to access what kind of fee structure they operate on, such as what the fees are and when they require to be paid and if your initial consultation is free or not.

Having a certified financial advisor can be a huge difference in making good on your financial plans and making huge mistakes that will lose from no guidance. If you’re asking yourself, ” how can a financial advisor help me ” and would like more information, or simply searching for the best independent financial advisers UK, contact the team at Haven IFA today for a clear financial path.