The Hot Topics: How Pensions Make The Headlines.



Posted on: 15th July 2014

If there’s one area of personal finance that can be banked on to make the headlines, it’s pensions.

Whether it’s how they can work for you, outrage at people being taken advantage of their old age or general shock at living costs for our most vulnerable in society, we’re never far from controversy, heated debate and constant concern.

The reason is simple: We’re all going to get old.

So here’s 3 of most topical pension topics around at a glance.

Retirement Age:

Not everyone wants to retire when they are supposed to. Infact 10% don’t want to, but feel compelled. And many don’t even know what age they will get it. Do you? Have your say below.

How Much Is A Pension Worth?

It’s actually quite common to find that most people don’t know how much a state pension is worth. The Financial Times revealed that research from the Prudential found that 14% of those planning to retire this year have made no personal pension provision and will be either totally or heavily dependent on the state pension.

Annuities Are Dead:

There are plenty of new investment products on the market now that the love affair with the annuity has slowed. The Government is legislating for a new ‘collective’ pension scheme, but will they work? This is something we will be looking in to over the coming year.

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