Helping Hand in Drafting Your Estate Plan



Posted on: 11th September 2022

Whenever you have a meeting with an estate planning lawyer, you have to have a lot of information to hand which can be overwhelming – and that is just your first step to getting things in order.

This can be avoided by consulting with independent financial advisors Manchester and having all of the valuable information to draft your estate plan. As an expert on your finances, an advisor knows all of your financial goals and understands how all of your assets are titled.

The biggest benefit of having a financial advisor key to your estate plan is that they know how important this area is to meeting your long-term financial goals.

Preparing You

When you deal with a lawyer for estate planning purposes, your collective assets, how they are titled and who the beneficiaries on accounts and policies are the main focus. Financial advisors are the helping hand in determining and compiling all of this information in preparation for this stage.

Understanding the assets that clients have helps to draft and execute their estate plan, including such areas as retirement accounts, bank accounts, any trust assets and real estate properties – as well as personal property.

Should you forget to include a bank account or property in your estate plan, the lawyer will not assume that it is missing and can result in problems down the line. Your financial advisor is the one person with continual access to your financial portfolio with expertise on your total accumulation of assets. They play a big role in ensuring all of your assets are included in your estate plan.


Retirement planning Manchester is one of the bigger supports that independent financial advisors Cheshire provides.

Being able to stick to the created plan or manoeuvre enough within one to ensure that you meet your expected retirement goal not only benefits you but also for your family and those that stand to benefit from your pensions, savings and investments. A well-versed financial advisor can sit down with you and craft a retirement plan that seamlessly fits with your overall estate plan.

Plan Changes

Over time, you may need to update your beneficiaries in your estate plan when experiencing some life-changing aspects that can alter who receives inheritance to your estate.

As financial advisors have regular meetings with their clients to evaluate portfolios and changes, they have more up-to-date knowledge about family matters and personal aspects which can affect decisions around financial matters. This allows for advice in updating beneficiaries when areas such as marriage, birth, adoption or death have instances within your life.

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