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Making Progress on Successful Investing



Posted on: 29th July 2021

First of all, we need to make one thing abundantly clear – planning future financial stability is never going to be an easy, straightforward ride. Just looking at the economy and investment markets can make you feel like you are on a stormy sea just trying to plot a course.

The fluctuating fortunes of the market are always battering your property, pension and investment ship, knocking you off course and making the journey more difficult to navigate safely. However, clearer skies are always on the horizon and you don’t need to sail blindly into uncertain seas – all you need to do is stick to the charter of a few simple paths for simple investing provided by independent financial advisers Cheshire.


If you are trying to predict the directions of your various assets then you may as well be guessing on how the weather is going to work out for the week.

With a well managed and balanced basket of these assets, you find the most steady and positive way of growing money over time, but you should not get hung up on one particular investment. It may be the wrong choice which adds an incredibly stressful risk to your money.

We advise putting a good spread of assets to act with the growth of the economy and markets and not be left gambling with your finances.

Have a Safe Buffer

Your investment portfolio will be faced with those situations where you are looking to pull a sum of money. It can be towards your kids’ fees or even if you are starting to draw on your pension. Regardless, the worst-case scenario is this happening alongside a drop in the markets.

Whilst this is a sure-fire way of realising losses, there is a way to act against it by having a reasonable cash buffer. This avoids you having losses and buys your investments some time to recover, providing a better condition in time to draw from.

Leave your buffer in a savings account, therefore protecting your long term investments.

Leave the Nonsense

A sure-fire panic attack will always come from a second-hand media frenzy. The media loves to build a sense of doom and gloom – fear is what sells.

Only one opinion of a dramatic stock market plummet can have a ripple effect of panic-stricken investors selling off their investment funds for fear they are going to sink. If they gain advice from independent financial advisers Manchester, they may get the real news it would be the worst time to sell, and headlines created to invoke a sense of panic should not be something you base your future path on. Today’s headlines are tomorrow’s chip paper, after all, so be sure to get a long-term perspective on the outcomes from a professional IFA.

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