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The Comfort With Uncertainty



Posted on: 12th June 2024

Certainty is something that we all want to pay for, and it can be easy for someone to sell. However, promises about future financial investment returns in such an age of uncertainty – where things have shown to change instantly – are not so easy.

Never before has everyone faced a period where health, job security, economic climate, and a cost of living crisis have put a strain on how we live. Even with all of that going on, people can still afford to do things they plan to – as long as they find some comfort with the uncertainty that life throws at them.

Many clients who have engaged with independent financial advisers Cheshire have admitted that, without reassurance on how the markets are performing, they have felt pressured to cancel plans and wait until the storm has passed. In many cases, this can be avoided, even if the news headlines spell disaster for all.

Robust Planning

When you work with an independent financial adviser Manchester, you will have a model of how things will look if high inflation persists and your investment returns fall under a disappointing spell. The plans in place prove pretty robust.

The comfort in uncertainty that we provide comes from realistic discussions on the possible outcomes and how they will impact your way of life. Once you are armed with the knowledge, we will work together to make reasoned judgments about your areas of spending and gifting.

Investment markets have always been driven by uncertainty in the short term. They begin to show certainty in the long term, so downturns are mostly temporary. With your risk comfort, we provide an educated idea of the good or bad outcomes and what you need to consider in your lifestyle if your investment returns are low.

Calculating Risks

In a practical sense, Haven IFA calculates your financial capacity to take such risks, working out how much money you require in your later years and ensuring that the money is in secure assets.

As with the pandemic, the housing/market crisis, the cost of living, and every other issue with the world currently, we cannot paint a definite picture of what is waiting to test your wealth and finances soon – but we can deliver a calm, empathetic, structured and educated guidance through expert advice, allowing you to make the safest decisions.

Fear of uncertainty may be causing you to cancel the holidays and pull funds from your savings, but there may be no need to do so. Getting advice on how you are affected and could be affected, as well as how to protect yourself financially with an adviser may be all it takes to find comfort in the uncertainty.

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