Food, Glorious Food.



Posted on: 22nd December 2014

This year we’re all going to enjoy a rather scrumptious Xmas lunch, drinks and buffet for less than we are used to. Why? Because the German supermarkets have stolen our hearts from the big guns and given us more change for 2015.

Yes, another year and another win for the German Supermarket chains. 

It seems the best way to save some extra pennies these days is simply by changing your supermarket. It’s the second year in a row that Aldi and Lidl have taken the prize for the cheapest Xmas shop. 

And the Guardian has suggested that this has left the big four – Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco struggling to lure back shoppers.

It will be no surprise then when they announce that profits will be lower than expected.

It’s a competitive world out there on the food aisles. There is no doubt about that. But then that’s no bad thing for all of us. We all need to save as many pennies as we can in as many places as we can so that we can take more control of our money and how we spend it in the long run. We’ll be seeing many more Aldi and Lidl stores opening in the UK, as we all adapt to their unique style of advertising.

More than 37% of people who took the Guardian survey by Marketing Sciences said that they would buy at least part of their shop from one or other of the German supermarkets. Aldi has been the fastest growing and has announced a further £600m investment for the coming year.

And hooray to all of this, because it’s us shoppers who will win out. The appeal of these new shops is clearer at Christmas when we can see that they are stealing more of the market share.

But as our habits change from one weekly shop at one supermarket to more of a pick and mix supermarket shopping culture, it’s clear that our demand will fuel competition and continue to benefit our bank accounts.

Happy Christmas To Us All.