finding a financial advisor you can trust

Trusting Your Finances



Posted on: 31st August 2021

Trust is one of those items that are hard to come by and even harder to keep in absolutely all areas of life. You put trust in your partner, family members, efforts and especially your finances – and they don’t always work out in your best interests. When it comes to these areas of trust, your finances tend to circle them more often than not. This kind of trust is emotionally draining, destructive and costly in many cases throughout our life, and takes a toll that can take years to recover from. Why, when you suffer these kinds of trust issues when it comes to close family members, would you suddenly feel so trusting finding a financial advisor you can trust when it comes to your hard-earned finances?


Where a Financial Adviser Stands

Finding a financial advisor you can trust is a hard thing to decipher by yourself. Your initial thoughts and stories online regarding advisers losing tons of clients money sure can paint a not so pretty picture. However, those stories online are designed for sensationalism, the same as the news headlines stating that the world financial market is crashing down. A safe and positive experience does not sell the headlines, but it does sell the service.

When you are getting involved in the investment game, you know that risk is always around every corner due to uncertainty. Where a financial adviser comes into play is providing you with advice, counsel and outcomes of YOUR decisions, not pointing you in a direction to take based on how beneficial it is to them.

The Driving Force

You have heard the saying that money makes the world go around, and your money indeed is what wakes a financial adviser up every morning. However, instead of wanting all of your money, they want your money to grow, be protected and lead to an end goal – usually a retirement plan.

Every friend or brother in law you have will have some kind of new investment opportunity, such as a new cryptocurrency or pyramid scheme that they are wanting every family member to invest into. A financial adviser is a body and sounding board who will look into every area and calculate the risks for you to protect your financials from bad investments, utilising tools at their disposal to navigate the market for trusted products.

Reinforcing Trust

When engaging with independent financial advisers Manchester, there are reassuring steps you can take to establish the trusted relationship moving forward.

By requesting to see the qualifications of your adviser and seeing the kind of clients that they work with, as well as getting an understanding of the length of time they have been in operation. You can discuss many areas on a first free consultation, as an adviser will no doubt understand the concerns that every client has. Discover in this first meeting what the core values of your adviser are and they line up with your own, as well as how they get paid – Do they have an annual fee, paid on performance or any form of a fixed rate?

You can also discover where else their expertise lies and what areas of financial help they cover, and more importantly if they communicate clearly and confidently.

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