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Why Would I Need a Financial Advisor in 2021?



Posted on: 28th January 2021

There are many questions that face us throughout 2021 to do with our money which is why getting financial planning advice seems more necessary than ever.

How much will we make, how much can we save and how will any change in our careers affect our plans are always at the forefront of hesitance. One extra thought during this time is How would independent financial advisors in Cheshire fit into the 2021 plans, if at all?

Naturally, we would look to cut as many costs as possible and you may feel that a financial planner is too costly for this point in time, however employing one provides a boost in your savings, a cut in your tax bills and provides help in your decisions when it comes to changing career or moving home.

Cost Against Costs

When it comes to our hard-earned money, it can be a feeling of robbing Peter to pay Paul when parting to pay for expert advice on that very thing.

The ‘saving’ grace in paying for the best independent financial advisors UK is that you are getting the help in order to make you save far more and make better decisions for sound investments going forward. Your financial future is a huge balancing act, wanting our money to grow whilst weighing against the risk involved. If you invest without guidance then you are at risk of bad investments with no warning to help you get around them.

Without a financial advisor, you are lying prone to the usual mistakes as well as the risk of selling shares during market drops or buying when it rises, leaving you with no avenue of manoeuvre. Your advisor not only helps you calculate risks but also uses specialist knowledge and tools to keep your investment portfolio in line with your goals and not falling foul of misjudgments.

Tax Saving

Your money has been fought for and your plans are to utilise it for your family and retirement. This is where independent financial advisors in Manchester helped deliver money into your goals instead of the taxman’s books.

By giving structure to your savings and guiding you to the moment when you should spend your pension, you are presented with generous tax breaks that an advisor knows how to guide you towards. With very real aspects like inheritance tax on your money when you are no longer with us, an advisor helps to provide your family with the bulk of your wealth so that you leave behind a solid legacy to provide for them.

Income Shifts

With many of us reshaping their career goals out of necessity and drawing on self-employment in order to reach our future retirement plans, you are faced with areas of the organisation that you may never have faced before when working for a business.

A certified independent financial advisor helps you to work around your fluctuations in income as well as restructuring your path to retirement. In times of financial uncertainty whilst fine-tuning your new career goals into a successful business, an advisor also helps you in saving towards the goal by structuring a plan for lower-income periods as you start out.

It is probably the most sensible time in your life to engage with independent financial advisors Cheshire in order to fine-tune your new outlook for the world ahead, ensuring that the cost of a specialist outweighs the costs of going ahead blindly and you get the best financial planning advice.