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Better Work-Life Balance Through Financial Planning



Posted on: 3rd May 2023

Financial worry is a mentally crippling condition. It has a knock-on effect on your long-term goals, stress levels and mental well-being. Financial pressures take time away from your family at the time as well as affect your plans for early retirement later in life. Whatever effect your financial worry is causing for you, there is a solution in having a financial plan set up with independent financial advisers Manchester.

These professionals are there to help with guidance through such issues with confidence gained by expert-tailored advice.

Increase in Working

Working from home has seen a 30% increase in the last year, with the average time working from 9 hours to 11 every day. Business owners have seen a spike in depression rates, anxiety and exhaustion just trying to keep up.

That has caused a ripple effect where the distinction between work and leisure gets blurred, with many unable to switch off after the day’s workload has been completed and having to reconfigure their finances. Having a financial plan from tailored advice can help to layer that much-required balance between work and life.

Striking the Balance

Financial advice is a lifeline for helping build your financial strength, employed to help you focus on your goals and achieve them. If you want to cut back on working hours and take different steps to a better work-life balance, a financial adviser can help you understand the options suited to you.

Independent financial advisers Cheshire will look at what is most important to you, helping you to forge a bespoke financial plan that helps to give you more time to focus on the things you want and not overwork yourself to achieve a better financial standing. That can be in the form of cutting back on certain outgoings, adjusting steps you currently take or even around your current investment strategies.

Retirement Goal

Although financial advisers can help you in the current, their focus centres around your later life goals. Advisers specialise in retirement planning Cheshire so you have more opportunities in later years.

Since Pension Freedoms came into play in 2015 and gave retirees flexibility in accessing their pensions, the transition into retirement has become more commonplace. But is retirement something you can afford to do? Financial advice helps to provide positive and constructed steps to achieve the retirement you have in mind with a higher degree of confidence. With so many unforeseen and unwanted diversions on the path to retirement, it helps to have a sound body to help you manoeuvre around the many pitfalls that can trip you up on the way.

Are you looking for a way to re-arrange your financial standing to enjoy a better work-life balance? Contact the team at Haven IFA today.