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Choosing the Right Financial Adviser



Posted on: 20th August 2021

Having our finances organised is a true key to a happy life, providing a sense of security that our financial goals are on track and we are going to experience a much healthier later life because of it.

Sometimes it takes a restructuring or two as we skirt around uncertainties and whatever life has to throw at us along the way, which is why getting advice on our finances along the way is not a bad thing. Having a financial adviser is a great asset, but how do you know you are choosing the right person for the job?

Uncovering the Need

First off, you need to look into why you would need an adviser. You may be pretty good with money and getting from point A to point B, but you continuously rely on multiple sources to make decisions, many of which either have different financial circumstances to you or ulterior motives for you to buy a product or invest.

What everyone needs is someone who evaluates every avenue you have and the risks surrounding them so that you have a better-educated viewpoint to make the decision yourself – step forward independent financial advisers Cheshire.

What you want from your financial advice is for it to be customised and relatable to your circumstances, focused on providing for you instead of you providing for it. When you have an independent financial adviser who provides a face to face personality and personalised approach to your circumstances, you can be assured that any decision you make is a well researched and educated one.

Understanding Their Practice

When searching for an adviser for your needs, you will no doubt turn towards the internet as your starting ground. As this is a great way to start, fielding through customer reviews and recommendations, you will want to find a firm that will offer a free call or first consultation to get a better understanding of this person is on the same wavelength as you are.

Not only do you need to have a clear understanding of how they conduct business, but you also need to know that they can communicate to your level of understanding. Sure, belting out all terminology on the first meeting may make it seem like they know everything, but you may leave understanding nothing.

A financial adviser will have their education, qualifications and experience on hand to show you, but it is also worth enquiring about their current type of client base they work with. Ideally, the firm with the most experience working with people in similar circumstances to your own is always going to be of better use than another firm that may take people like yourselves as a side-line.

Feeling comfortable with the person you want to work with on retirement planning Cheshire, investments and pension advice Manchester plays the biggest role in our financial goals and financial future. Contact the team at Haven IFA today.