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Putting You Back in Control  



Posted on: 20th March 2024

While everyone had hoped their financial future in the 2020s would soar, it is safe to assume that everyone has been experiencing never-ending turbulence. With so much shaking over your finances for the past four years, it is time that you regain financial control and put yourself back on the flight path to financial health.

As independent financial advisers Cheshire, the team at Haven IFA are there for people wishing to take charge of their wealth in 2024. Younger people are now more focused than ever in wanting to manage their money this year, and our team has some pointers for gaining better control of your finances.

What You Can Control

We all know that many circumstances affecting our wealth are way beyond our control or understanding. Instances such as inflation, interest rates, rising energy costs, and stock market volatility have been so much a part of our daily lives these past four years that we seemingly just accept them. On par with that, we are posed with plenty of unexpected life events, such as family deaths and unplanned additions to the family tree.

Attempting to control such elements can prove impossible, so why not focus on influencing the aspects of your finances that you can control – your financial mindset?

A Financial Overhaul

Feeling lost in your finances is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, if we were all money experts then there would be no need for independent financial advisers Manchester.

In the same way that you would take your car to a professional for an inspection, a financial adviser would look over your current financial standing and help to put things right to get you back on the road. That would include reviewing your pension pot’s annual growth, checking over your investment portfolio and strategy, and helping to measure your savings against your previous year’s goals.

It will also include a review of your financial protections, updating any policies where necessary, and taking a look over your tax burden and exploring avenues to mitigate it if possible.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a quick check on your fundamentals, but the help of the best independent financial advisers UK is crucial to getting back on track.

Knowing Where You Stand

Do you know where your strengths and weaknesses are with your financial standing? If not, learning and taking ownership of them is going to be highly beneficial moving forward.

A financial adviser will help you to navigate smarter around your weaknesses instead of falling around them at each hurdle. Many of us feel ‘spending anxiety’ due in part to the rocky circumstances of the pandemic, the cost of living crisis, and financial uncertainty about what the future holds, it pays to have more control over your strengths and weaknesses as you get back on track.

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