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Advisers Key to Getting You Back on Track



Posted on: 9th August 2021

2020 and 2021 combined have posed plenty of financial challenges for many people, where dipping into savings, pulling out investments and panic decision making has left many people more financially vulnerable as a result.

Now the world is keen to get back to normal and forget about the turmoil of the last year, but the imprint it has had on our financial futures may still be felt for a long time to come, and our desire to be risk-averse should anything come along again may keep many of us there.

Many people will not feel comfortable without reassurances, and if anything this past year has taught us is that nothing can be taken for granted. However, what really should be sought after is educated guidance – and that is where independent financial advisers Cheshire are a true benefit.


The true benefit of having someone able to provide a forecast for your financial future is one thing, but having someone who can evaluate the circumstances the last year has had on your goals is something even better.

Many people choose to believe that having an independent financial adviser is purely about watching over your investments, but that is simply not just the case. An adviser is someone who looks at you financial challenges and encourages good financial habits and provides a clear path to achieve your financial goals through a vast array of skills.

Whether it is pension advice Manchester or retirement planning Cheshire, or avenues like mortgages or disbursement of wealth through a will, an adviser is in it for the long haul in ensuring that your finances are safer against whatever life looks to throw at you.

Peace of Mind

When you choose to jump into the investment game alone, you bear the brunt of the risk alone. Most people will hear something is too good to be true on investment, and most of the time – it is.

Having an adviser there to shepherd you through the potential risks and advise you on the paths they present to you. Whilst many may think that an adviser is just there for your money, you have to remember that an adviser’s value has to exceed the cost of having one. If they don’t, then it is superfluous having one at all.

The job of a financial adviser is to provide insight and research into what makes you money, not loses you money. So much so that any advice that is provided with that is bad lays on the shoulders of the adviser, not yourself. You know what you are getting is sound advice just on that principle alone.

If you are prepared to put yourself back on a solid financial path, independent financial advisers Manchester are the right people to provide a clearer, structured path to achieve it. Contact the team at Haven IFA today.