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Consider Your Financial Adviser



Posted on: 25th September 2022

For whatever reason we need helpful advice or guidance on our financial matters – from reviewing our investment options to setting a retirement plan into action – it is all to do with achieving a certain goal. That goal is comfort. With over 27,000 financial advisers scattered around the UK, you may find difficulty in choosing which one is the right fit for you and your needs, let alone the right mortgage or investment. Therefore, it is important to put your steps forward in selecting the right independent financial adviser Cheshire.

Ask for Qualifications

When it comes to receiving advice, you want to make sure that the person giving it is qualified to do so – and a true financial adviser will be all too willing to show you that they have the certified expertise and skills to do so.

All financial advisers hold a minimum Level 4 qualification, such as a diploma in regulated financial planning. Others have an even greater commitment to technical expertise and planning skills with qualifications in chartered financial planning or certified financial planning. Proof of these qualifications should not be hidden from you, but available upon request – you can then make sure you are talking with the right person.

Independent financial advisers Manchester consider all products and providers for you when making any recommendations. Restricted financial advisers are tied to certain products which limit your choices and may not be the best fit for your specific needs. You must know this information when talking with an adviser so that you understand the level of options that are presented to you.

Know What They Bring

Full disclosure of everything that your adviser can offer you is the difference between having everything to hand, or having different parties for different financial needs.

Having a financial adviser with relevant and wide-ranging experience in several areas will help you make smarter decisions around such items as mortgages, retirement, pensions and navigating the investment market – as well as forecast how each affects the others. They are also able to help around areas of estate planning and tax saving.

Of course, with good financial advice comes costs – and knowing that the advice you receive is worth the money you pay for it. Don’t be afraid to ask for the costs of this advice with your financial adviser upfront. There is no sense in shying away from discussing costs when talking about your financial future.


The big one here is ensuring that you are understanding what your IFA is telling you, by using language you understand.

Everyone likes to crack out the big words and terms, but if you don’t understand what is being said to you, then how will you know if it is the right advice given? Therefore, it is essential that you are in discussion with someone who talks your language, and you feel comfortable.

To talk about areas of your financial future with a qualified, personable independent financial adviser, contact the team at Haven IFA today.