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If I’m Making Money, Why Spend It On Advice?



Posted on: 1st September 2021

After a financial traumatic start to the 2020s, we may have had to reshuffle and strategize how we use our money which has made us more risk-averse and paranoid over what we spend in the current day. To many people, parting with some of it on items that are counter-productive may give us a red flag feeling that we never had previously. If we feel we can competently manage our hard-earned money, why would we pay-out for the services of someone who is going to offer financial advice and guidance on how to do just that?

Long Term Planning

Sure, you may have a handle on your finances in the short term, but what about the long term? An independent financial adviser Manchester can provide much larger scope for financial wellbeing, which makes the relatively small amounts you pay on a by the hour basis a very sound investment.

Saving for the long term can be a complicated balancing act with plenty of hazards. We are more risk-averse in today’s market due to the uncertainty the 2020s has already thrown at us. It is a vastly different world today than it was two years ago.

Lining Up

A financial adviser uses specialist tools to ensure your investment portfolio lines up with your goals and risk tolerance. This makes sure that whenever the market is volatile, expert help is on hand to prevent you from selling your shares and acting rashly.

With saving, whether for retirement planning Cheshire or towards a specific goal, a financial adviser is a reinforcement towards those goals when it comes to your money.

By having an expert on hand to structure your savings, identifying the best time to access your pension and take advantage of tax breaks, an adviser makes a huge difference not just to your wealth, but also the wealth of the next generation of you. An IFA will work to ensure your family do not lose the bulk of inheritance to taxes when you’re gone, so you are working with a professional for not just your life, but your legacy.

Past the Short Term

The short term may seem rosy and stable, but there is a long way ahead towards providing stability for your family finances and ultimate life plan. That leads to a lot of confusion and potential pitfalls along the way.

Putting some money aside to work with independent financial advisers Cheshire helps you navigate along that path and the many routes that suddenly spring upon you with sound financial advice and guidance that has you in mind, not how much you can pay-out.

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