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New Plans for the Next Financial Year: Meeting a Financial Adviser



Posted on: 25th January 2024

January is a stressful time for finances. Recovering from the always-expensive Christmas and New Year festivities and taking that long month slog towards the end of the tax year provides plenty of scope for re-evaluating how you work with your finances for the year ahead.

In the middle of all of this financial stress, there is the opportunity to set things in motion for more positive steps in your financial arena – and meeting with independent financial advisers Cheshire can open up avenues for growth.

Here are some tips on meeting independent financial advisers Manchester for the first time and how to get the most from the get-go.

Set Independence as Your Goal

When you meet with an IFA, it is crucial to ascertain their independence in their service to you in the advice and products that they can offer. Independent advisers are necessary to you, as they are untied to a larger provider of financial products.

If your adviser is not independent, they cannot inform you of every available product or service on the market (or what we refer to as the whole of the market). That means the products recommended will not necessarily suit you, or you will have to change certain aspects to meet their checking-off points.

Having the benefit of exploring all of the available options and getting unfiltered advice on each of them working to your benefit – or detriment – is paramount when talking with a financial adviser.

Needs and Objectives

To ensure that you receive suitable advice, you should have a clear idea of your short and long-term financial goals – and your overall financial objectives.

Avoid any ambitions with your financial thinking that are not your own. Not many people set out to start a pension plan or invest in particular funds, but they want to achieve the objectives these options can provide a solution to. Any financial decisions or products recommended by your adviser should be a result of your adviser answering your brief of what you seek for your aims and ambitions.

As you consider your goals, think about how long you want the plans to run for, what your risk comfort is, and the purpose of your investment.

Retirement Planning

With retirement planning Cheshire, take the time to contemplate what you want from your later years and be as specific as possible.

Think about how much income you will require if any specific items will require a lump sum, and what age you plan on stopping work. Your financial adviser can help you map out a plan to get the most out of your retirement motivations.

Contact the team at Haven IFA today, the best independent financial advisers UK to start your goals and help plan your finances for the year ahead.