do I need financial advice

Do I Need Financial Advice or Am I Okay on My Own?



Posted on: 15th November 2021

If you have clicked onto this blog to find an answer to whether a financial adviser is worth the money or if you can manage your investments moving forward. Still asking yourself, do I need financial advice?

The truth is that not everybody will require an ongoing relationship with their financial planner or investment adviser. It is not a case of checking in every week as a necessity. Some people may only engage with an adviser once every quarter to once a year. However, many investors stand to benefit from working with independent financial advisers Cheshire instead of not seeking professional advice or feeling they don’t need it.

Management of Investments

Do I need financial advice? Managing your investments properly and making the right financial decision is a process that takes a lot of time, skill and effort to make right. The one thing you know straight away is that it is not a one-time occasion.

The most precious commodity you have is time, and there are plenty of things you could be doing with that time. When you are a busy business owner on top of being an even busier parent, you already have a lot on your plate. When you are trying to separate that time to find a space for researching financial answers, check your options and make the right decisions – you are typically doing it with rushed time – and that rushed time is costing you much more in the long run.

Personal finance is not everyone’s idea of great time spending and neglecting those finances leads to even more stress on your business life and your personal family life. That time truly is money and delaying your decisions on both good decisions and poor ones affects it equally.


Doing a DIY on your finances opens up one of the worst doors – the one of procrastination. Too many people left alone with their finances are prone to not doing anything at all until the time it is too late.

Acting late on opportunities is born from being unsure or not having any educated advice on how to approach their investment opportunities. Relying on the school of Google for all of your financial information leaves you at the mercy of anyone’s opinion. Acting on these pieces of advice leaves you alone and open to risk, with no way of recuperating any losses because you chose this route alone based on your research and no professional advice.

Financial decisions are best done with qualified and expert advice from independent financial advisers Manchester even if just once a year. Contact the team at Haven IFA today.