The Best Ways To Save Money In 2015.



Posted on: 9th March 2015

A new year always brings plenty of joy and magic we’re supposed to enjoy and make the most of, but something not exactly fitting of such a heading is a distinct lack of cash and a gloomy financial outlook. 

Once again, people are united in their desire to do some serious penny-pinching and weather the on-going financial storm without going well and truly under.

Sadly, there’s not much to be offered in terms of tips for winning it big on the lottery or finding buried treasure, but if you are on the lookout to make some genuine savings for the rest of 2015, give thought to the following top five tips from the experts:


Right off the bat, you don’t have to change your shopping habits and give up your favourites entirely, but try for a week or two downgrading one or two premium brands and add up how much you have saved. Even on simple essentials like sugar, milk, toilet roll and washing-up liquid, using a supermarket’s ‘Value’ range will bring you 99% of the results for about half the price. Over the course of one year the difference can be massive.

Don’t Borrow.

Tempting as it might be, never forget that all these so-called friendly and affordable loan and credit care services touting for your business have no interest in anything but making money from you. There’s no such thing as free or easy money…or even cheap money for that matter…so no matter what kind of situation you’re facing, never take on further debts unless absolutely necessary. Chances are that more often than not you’ll be facing huge regrets for some time to come.


Speaking of debt, why not make early 2015 the perfect time to looking into complete and total debt consolidation and take home a myriad of savings? By replacing every one of your current debts with a single loan and a single monthly payment, you not only make things easier to keep track of but can see the interest and overall balance you have to pay cut massively. It’s usually free and couldn’t be easier to set up such an agreement so it should never be overlooked by anyone with loans and credit card balances to pay.

Second Income.

If of a genuinely proactive nature and if circumstances permit, why not look to supplement your income with something of a second, perhaps casual line of work? Just have a quick think about what you’re good at – maybe you could offer babysitting? Or dog walking? Selling cakes? Freelance writing? There are thousands of casual opportunities out there for supplementing an income and, like most things today, most can be found with ease on the web.

Eat At Home.

Another remarkable fact now that seems to have escaped so many – eating out is at least 99.99% of the time more expensive than eating at home! True, there may be some exceptions when it comes to elaborate dishes, but keep things simple as far as meals go and it is quite astonishing how cheaply you can feed the whole family. Seriously – employ a little forethought and even a fiver can be more than enough to feed four and have everyone practically too full to move.