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How Often Do You Meet With a Financial Advisor?



Posted on: 13th April 2021

No doubt about it, engaging a financial advisor marks a huge step in your future planning in a positive direction. For once, you are not doing it alone if you reach for help from the best financial advisors.

But one question always circles around the beginning of the process – how often do you need to meet with them?

Of course, this will always differ depending on circumstance and need, some of you will find that you only need help and guidance once and there are others that feel they could benefit from guidance and support ongoing, however there is much more to a financial advisor than simply helping you guide your money and investments. They are able to help when it comes to retirement planning Cheshire, mortgages, pensions and a variety of other money matters that come along in life.

The question now opens up to exactly how often you can utilise a financial advisor moving forward for many different avenues to come.

Minimum Time

Usually, a financial advisor will book an annual review towards the beginning of every year with their clients which is typically the bare minimum of face to face time with clients. This usually ensures all clients have everything on track when it comes to budgeting, investments and tax.

This provides you with a good opportunity to reflect on how your financial situation is in standing over the previous 12 months and assess its overall fitness ahead. By helping to find avenues where your money can work harder for you over the upcoming year and provide the necessary guidance to boost your investments.

Some people will feel this is enough as financial health does not tend to change much in a regular year, so there is no need to keep in touch weekly or monthly on this front, although there is nothing wrong with more regular contact with clients if required.

Regular Time

The one constant that we will always be faced with is that circumstances will always change. Just look at 2020 alone.

The uncertainty of the financial landscape, employment and investments over the course of the last year resulted in more people pulling their pensions and investments like they felt the sky was going to fall on their heads any day. Many chose to do this without consulting a professional to help them navigate the uncertain waters.

Generally, things can be much more reassuring by simply asking the questions you need answers to and getting a broader understanding, which is why having independent financial advisors Cheshire to hand is hugely beneficial.

There could be circumstances that have resulted in a big life change, a change to income or on the other end you could be looking to invest or suddenly inherited money. Each of these instances requires answers in how to move forward, which direction you should go and how to handle the ground you step on.

Having independent financial advisors Manchester on your call list helps to alleviate fear, structure ahead and successfully sail through the turbulent financial seas ahead. Contact the team at Haven IFA today to make a little go a long way towards financial security with help from the best financial advisors.