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Finding the Value in Financial Advice



Posted on: 24th June 2021

When you hear the words ‘Financial Adviser’ you are probably thinking of someone who provides the best financial advice and guides you through to being smart with your money.

In reality, the real value in working with financial advisers comes from something much more beneficial – avoiding your own mistakes.

Not Knowing Money

When you choose to utilise a financial adviser you are firstly admitting that when it comes to money, you don’t have full knowledge and control over how to successfully navigate investments and opportunities for financial stability and growth. That’s okay – if everyone knew what they were doing, everyone would be financially secure.

The real problem is that people who don’t know tend to make a lot of mistakes by going into it alone with no advice or experience, so having a financial adviser is not about having someone do it for you – it’s about you doing it but with someone able to give you the understanding of the path you choose, without deciding for you.

Working with independent financial advisers Cheshire, you are offered much more than a simple pointing of the direction to take. You are provided with a multitude of services to ensure the right level of risk in achieving the returns you seek. An adviser is there not to put you in financial peril, but to create a well thought out and defined strategy towards your financial goals.

Extra Aid

A financial adviser has many tools at their disposal to help you not just on investments, but also a majority of other financial decisions and situations ranging from mortgages to allocation of savings.

When assembling a portfolio, an adviser can review it objectively and provide rebalancing when required, they also have a handle on all tax breaks that can be taken in many areas to help our financial wellbeing, as well as be able to keep you abreast of any tax implications in the future.

Among the biggest aids independent financial advisers Manchester offer is the ability to provide a sense of security in your overall plan, informing you if your plans of selling investments are just rash panic thinking or an informed choice, which goes a long way towards avoiding those mistakes we all can make by being too hasty without knowledge.

Consult With Someone Invested in You

When it comes to your money you may feel that everybody is personally invested in it, but when it comes down to it, a financial adviser is invested in your financial security. Their entire job is centred around you staying secure and growing.

If you have concerns about your financial future and need qualified guidance on how to stay financially stable, contact the team at Haven IFA today for the best financial advice.