Avoiding Pension Scams: Five Tips For Staying Safe.



Posted on: 16th March 2015

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when pensioners and those approaching their senior years are being targeted by fraudsters and scam artists who want nothing more than to rob them blind. 

Nevertheless, this is pretty much the shape of things in most Western nations right now.

Where there’s money, there will always be those looking to get hold of it by any means necessary.

As such, it’s never been of greater importance to be proactive when it comes to protecting yourself from pension scams, so bear the following tips in mind and chances are you won’t fall foul to fraudsters:

1 – Suspect Cold Callers.

First of all, anyone these days that calls you randomly out of the blue and has some kind of ‘special offer’ to make should set alarm bells ringing. Not that all cold callers are dodgy, but when you receive a call from anyone asking you anything at all about your finances, pension or plans for retirement, never forget how dangerous it can be to give this information out.

2 – Carry Out Checks.

If at any time you do find yourself liking the sound of a deal and genuinely believe it’s legitimate, do your safety and security a favour by looking a little deeper into the company itself. Whoever they are and whatever they do, chances are you’ll be able to find out plenty about them with nothing more than a web search – the results of which could be very, very revealing.

3 – Spot The Signs.

There are certain tell-tale signs that give away fraudsters pretty much every time. For example, if you are ever rushed into making a decision or feel you are being pressured in any way, it’s a deal you want nothing to do with. Likewise, if the deal is simply too good to be true or seems in any way difficult to understand, chances are it’s a scam. Always be on the lookout for any signs that those reaching out to you may not in fact have your own best interests at heart.

4 – Ask For Evidence And Time.

When contacted by any business or individual who claims to be able to offer you a special deal the likes of which is tempting enough to consider, don’t go a single step further before asking them to provide evidence of who they are, what they do and the fact that they are wholly legitimate. In addition, ask for a few days at least to think it over and gauge their reaction – no legitimate service provider or pensions specialist would ever expect you to make a decision on the spot.

5 – Ask The Experts.

Last but not least, if you have even the slightest doubt as to the legitimacy of who you’re dealing with, the experts are never more than a phone call away. The UK’s Pensions Advisory Service strongly advises asking for help and guidance before going ahead with any deal, so really there’s no reason to ever risk falling for a scam.