Are You Happy With Your Financial Adviser?



Posted on: 8th July 2022

When it comes to your money in 2022, every step you take in regards to your financial decisions has to work out for the better. With the high cost of living, the economy balancing on a knife edge and uncertainty about the future always throwing a new spanner in the works, one wrong investment or move can put you in a serious mess that can take the better part of a decade to recover from.

Many choose this time to consult with independent financial advisers Manchester – especially since the internet is scattered with shaky advice and false news about how the shape of things to come is set to pan out. Choosing a trusted and knowledgeable adviser is something that should be easy, but there are some things you need to know going in to better protect your interests.

The Reputation

Many people choose their financial adviser based on referral or good word of mouth, whilst others look into good reviews on the internet. Regardless of how the adviser comes to you, independent research on the company’s background and reputation helps you to make an informed choice.

After all, your situation is going to be completely different from others who have used them in some cases, so you need to understand that this adviser knows how to work with your specific circumstances. If they do not specialise or have a good track record with certain aspects that relate to your financial circumstances, then you don’t want to take the risk.

A Calm and Proactive Approach

When you engage with an adviser, it is because you are unsure about the path to take or need to adapt toward a change. The adviser in turn is the person who can evaluate and present what options are available for you. In doing this, they would not panic and be patient with how they work.

If an adviser is doing a desperate hard sell on certain investments without giving you much in the way of alternative options or discussion on them, they may not have your best interests as the focus. Good advisers always keep communication and opportunity avenues clear and easy to understand and work to make them worth your time and money.

They Display Experience

Legitimate financial advisers have significant experience in financial matters and have the certifications to back it up. Any adviser worth their salt has the credentials to hand if requested, and if they don’t it is a huge red flag for your finances.

Due diligence and a bit of research will help you to ask the right questions when engaging with an adviser, and in return, they should be able to adequately answer all of your enquiries on your level of understanding.

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