St Ambrose High School Students with our Operations director

A student’s view of Haven IFA

Anthony Murphy

Posted on: 5th July 2019

This week, we welcomed two students from St Ambrose College in Altrincham to give them a detailed insight into how Haven IFA operates and what the world of finance entails for both advisers and clients.

At the end of their week, we got them to write down a few thoughts on their experiences and what young people should be looking at for their future.

Seyi Olofintila 

I have really enjoyed my time at Haven IFA firm, as it has opened up different opportunities that I am grateful to have experienced. I learnt many key things about finances, pensions and mortgages that aren’t taught in schools and especially not in mine.

I have also learnt about saving accounts and ISAs and the best way to manage money for the future and even now. The staff have all been kind and caring as I have truly felt as though I am a part of the company throughout this adventurous week.

This is a career that I am particularly intrigued in and having the chance to experience what a day in the office is like has urged me to pursue this career even more and maybe with the aspiration and hard work in the future, I to may be able to work in an office like Haven or even be the director of my own firm. Once again, I want to emphasise the importance of looking after finances in this day and age and I can say that the staff are experienced in this and the staff at Haven make it all look easy.

If I was to recommend this to someone in my age group I would say that they should immediately go and ask for advice about finances, as they might not think that it applies to them as schools don’t teach them much about it but in fact it applies to anyone who is making some sort of money.

Charlie Dando

In my week at Haven, I have learnt much about Finance as well as many new skills. In finance terms, I have learnt about the taxing system, for example, you get taxed 20% if your wage in under £50,000 per annum 40% anything over that etc…

We have also looked at investments and smart ways to invest such as pooled investments and investing in steady reliable funds. We also learnt the hard work of the workplace going through mail, stapling, stamping and filing. Gary went through mortgages with us and taught us the ins and outs of them and how they work.

Greg showed us how pensions work and showed us some cash free models how long your pension will last with the different variables (age retired; how much money is in pension etc). We also learnt about individual savings accounts (ISAs) and how you can have up to 20,000 in one at induvial time tax-free.

I have learnt these sort of topics should be taught if not touched on in schools as many people do not know about these and are the reason a lot of people have problems with money, the staff where extremely helpful and sacrifices time to help us and to contribute to our experience, and guided us through our week here at Haven IFA.

Nick Dando, Operations Director and Financial Planner, praised the students for their hard work and willingness to engage with our advisers and PAs whilst opening their minds to the world of financial planning. Their week covered a range of topics from personal financial management to give them the basic skills needed as they become more independent to the more familiar in Pensions, Mortgages and Investments

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